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Скан Глобал Лоджистикс,ООО 

Scan Global Logistics is a worldwide logistics organisation. Our global transportation network has at its disposal 2500 offices in more than 200 countries. If we’re not there today, we will be tomorrow. Scan Global Logistics is present wherever our clients need us. Over the course of more than 30 years, Scan Global Logistics has developed a flexible organisation that is geared toward providing personalised advice and tailor-made logistics solutions. At Scan Global Logistics, we focus on possibilities, not limitations. If we aren’t able to think alternatively and creatively, we cannot attain our goals. We want to evolve and keep abreast of changes and developments. We strive to be dynamic and adaptable. We don’t look passively on while the world passes us by. We operate under the motto “Freedom with responsibility”, confident that each of our employees acts responsibly and makes decisions that will benefit the customer. We are not afraid to face our clients – even if things don’t go as planned. We carefully monitor everything as it happens, and keep an eye on the “big picture”. At the same time, we are good business people who attach great importance to minimising costs and maximising efficiency - not at any price - people and the environment must be considered as well.